This dark collection includes these stories:

Etiquette - underworld alien sex comes with its own instructions

Static - Reality TV isn't always what it looks like

The dead don't sleep - paranormal investigations as seen through the eyes of the investigated

Strange Hold - A house that holds its owner captive

Sick Day - Calling in sick on Z day

Invading the shell - Second skin. Jilted Lovers. Erotic cupcakes.

Commute - a glimpse into a working-class person's ordeal with traffic in a bizarre (alternate?) future

3 are previously published, and 4 were written specifically for this collection.

A buck of bad juju AKA your gateway book for my work.

I've reduced the price for Bad Juju: Volume 1 for the meantime. Not sure if I'm going to keep it that way. I wanted those who are unfamiliar with my writing to snap up a copy since it's a good showcase of my current writing style.

For less than a dollar, I think it's a steal. Go get it here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK



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